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Introducing the Team....Dave Lloyd at Lost Oscillation Studios.

We are immensely grateful to our long term tenants at Musicbase, and none more-so than Dave, Jack, Fergus and Matt at Lost Oscillation Studio.

Music Base stalwarts since 2016, we were introduced to the Lost Oscillation (then Discopolis) team through our long term friend and colleague, Gareth Goodlad at Edinburgh's Bleach Studios. Originally hiring a soundproofed area that has now become the Drum central Cymbal room, in 2018 Dave began an ambitious project to create a beautiful large flexible space within our rehearsal and recording studio complex to match the growth of Lost Oscillation as a production house.

What followed was a journey full of blood and sweat and perhaps some tears for Dave, the team (and Dave's father!) but before long an intriguing, wonderful metamorphosis from an empty unused, unloved basement area into one of Edinburgh's most creative and coveted recording spaces

It is a great joy to have Dave and the team so passionate about our building and a huge privilege to be first hand witnesses to the remarkably high quality, critically acclaimed musical output that has followed this project.

The following video, made by the mighty Gareth Goodlad at Bleach studios, is an interview with Dave on their studio journey and a fantastic tour of the lost Oscillation Studio. To find out more about Lost Oscillation click here.

To find out more about Bleach Studios or have them create video content please click here

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